3D Printing Competition

Bridgwater 2017

The Competition

The Bridgwater 3D Printing Competition 2017 provides young people and schools with an opportunity to learn more about 3D printing and design.

Encouraging young people to engage with digital projects using exciting technology can set them on a path to digital skills development.

Focussing our competition on Bridgwater culture, history and geography fosters interest in the local area, develops civic pride and promotes information sharing in communities.

Competition Closes - 23rd April 2017








Prizes Include

“3D Printing Experience” at the R & D offices of Cel-Robox
(their latest technology and experimental materials – definitely top secret!)

Xbox One and 2 Minecraft Games donated by CEX

3 Raspberry Pie computer starter kits donated by Code Club

Competition Details

Get Involved!

Submit a design for a 3D object that reflects an aspect of Bridgwater you believe is important.

This competition is open to all young people aged 9-17 with 3 bands based on school years:
Band 1; children in years 5 & 6
Band 2; includes years 7-9
Band 3; young people in years 10-12.

Entries may be from individuals, classes or schools.

How to Enter

1. Send us an email at librariesmail@somerset.gov.uk to let us know you’re interested.

2. Find a design using any 3D Model website such as Thingiverse, Pinshape, MyMiniFactory, Yeggi, and many more

3. Download your chosen design (in .stl format) and write down your reasoning of why you chose it and how it connects to Bridgwater.

4. Send the design and your reasoning (include your name, age, school and year group) to librariesmail@somerset.gov.uk or drop it off at Bridgwater Library.

Entries must be received before midnight on the 23rd April 2017!


Example Competition Entry

3D Model: Hook Chain

Bridgwater was the first town to petition against slavery in 1785!

It was not only Africans who were to be enslaved and shipped as slaves to America and the West Indies. 612 local men from Bridgwater and the county of Somerset were among those who endured a life of slavery.

Great Britain’s involvement in the slave trade eventually ended in 1807 after many more petitions and protests.

The chain represents Bridgwater’s link to the end of slavery.



Designs may be realistic or representational, for example; a building, a place, a festival, a logo, agriculture, industry, a community or cultural event.



You will need to provide information about your object, why you have picked it, and why it’s important to you.


What size?

Your object should be no larger than a 10cm cube (to enable shortlist entries to be printed).


You do not have to work from a blank canvas!

You may copy, modify or adapt any pre-existing designs that you discover on the Internet.

These websites may help you find a design – Thingiverse, Pinshape, MyMiniFactory, Yeggi, and many more.

Your choice must reflect an aspect of Bridgwater and you must provide the reasoning for your selection.

Access to All

Entrants can use any 3D modelling software they wish to as long as their final submissions are provided as .STL files.

TinkerCAD is widely used in schools and can be accessed on public library PC’s. It is a free online modelling tool with a “Learn” section and lots of sample projects to try out.

Winners & Prizes


Selection for the shortlist will be based on both the design and the supporting background information provided.

All designs that reach the shortlist will be printed and displayed in an exhibition at Bridgwater Library.


The 3D printed shortlist will go before the final judging panel who will select a winner in each category.

Awards & Prizes

All shortlisted entries will receive a “commended” certificate and be given their printed model after its display in the Bridgwater Library exhibition.

Winners of each category will receive prizes provided by the competition sponsors.

Key Dates

Competition opens on the 18th February at Bridgwater Library’s Digital Bridgwater launch event.
Competition closes on the 23rd April.
Competition results, prizes and certificates to be awarded on the 29th April.

What is 3D Design & Printing?

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